Deploy a cloud server

iWeb Cloud Servers have scalable RAM, CPU and Storage, and a choice of Linux and Windows OS. Choose a configuration to begin deploying your Cloud Server from the iWeb Control Center.

Operating System
  • 1GB RAM 1 vCPU 2/h
  • 2GB RAM 2 vCPU 4/h
  • 4GB RAM 4 vCPU 9/h
  • 6GB RAM 6 vCPU 12/h
  • 8GB RAM 8 vCPU16/h
  • 50GB SSD 1/h
  • 100GB SSD 2/h
  • 150GB SSD 3/h
  • 200GB SSD 5/h
  • 250GB SSD 6/h
Your Cloud Server
  • 2/h
  • 1/h
  • ₹3/h
6 /hour
Based on 730 hours of service

Deploy Server