Cloud Storage is powered by NetApps nfrastructure. The complete storage is on SAN device having 10k rpm SAS drives and SSD in RaidDP configuration – providing you with top of the line storage performance.
Now access, store, manage, tag and scale your data globally with Cloud Storage.

cloud storage solutions perfectly blend the industry-leading storage and networking hardware to provide exceptionally fast and unwavering storage platform for your data. Archive, manage, and hand out plenitude of unstructured data across the Internet with ease.

Also, each storage unit is completely isolated from others ensuring its complete security. you don’t have to worry about the performance, IOPS, security, integrity and protection of your data.


storageIndex and Search Integration
With search and indexing attributes you can promptly access your information and important files easily.

Global Storage Congregation
Our storage clusters are linked through a private network in worldwide locations to provide you with secure data cloning and transfer.

dellHigh Accessibility
Usually data is written multiple times per cluster with self-mitigating capabilities i.e. in case of unexpected drive failure the data can be immediately restored.

Highly robust read/write access attribute gives end-user the ability to disperse either content directly from the storage system.