• Enhance your IT skills
  • Complete System Admin Training
  • Practical Training & Maximizing knowledge Transfer with Mentoring
  • Handson Experience on Servers Live in DataCenters (India & US)


Intended Audience: • Freshers, Consultants, systems engineers, datacenter and cloud administrators

Greater knowledge and skills with broader and deeper expertise result in more capable staff that can achieve more in less time, ultimately your’s Success.

This intensive  4 Months, instructor-led course demonstrates to technical personnel how to deploy VMware vCloud for a public, private environment and manage the ongoing operation of the deployment. The course focuses on the Operating Systems, Troubleshooting,  private and public vCloud solutions as well knowledge of  Cisco Routers, Dell Sonic & Cisco Firewall & Switches.

Outline:  Course Introduction

  • Review course goals
  • Review course objectives
  • Linux Fundamentals, Linux Basic Commands, Control Panels,Troubleshooting
  • Recognize VMware vCloud  Essentials/Fundamentals course elements
  • VMware vCloud Director Architecture and Components
  • Describe how VMware products use the cloud computing approach
  • Examine about resources for Cloud
  • Determine the licensing needs
  • Windows 2008/2012 basic knowledge
  • Windows2008/2012 Installation
  • Instalation of Esx
  • Setup & Configuration of Esx
  • About Datastores in Virtualization Enviornment
  • How Esx configured with Storage
  • Setup & Configuration of NFS
  • Setup, configuration and management of VM’s
  • How to Backup Vm’s and its Files
  • What are VM’s files Extensions and Files
  • How to restore VM from VMDK Files
  • Basic Troubleshooting
  • Cisco Router IOS installation, IOS upgrade, Basic Commands, Backup