SAP Consulting – OS – DB Migration

Our services and solutions will speed your move to the cloud and create a secure, highly scalable global IT environment that allows you to boost productivity, cut costs, and offer more value.

 SAP Hosting Requires Constant:

  • Maintenance
  • Improvement
  • Management
  • Database System Management
  • Infrastructure Implementation
  • Security & Performance Enhancements
  • Increase agility in your IT landscape with on-demand computing
  • Reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) of your SAP landscape
  • Accelerate time to value for your business users


SAP Virtulization

By transforming your SAP infrastructure to leading-edge server virtualization technologies, you will overcome the challenge of SAP data and recovery processes with a reliable, cost-efficient solution that can be implemented successfully without interrupting live production environments.

Your new virtualized landscape will be expertly tuned for high performance, direct server and storage savings, plus increased speed and flexibility, meeting your business’s demands to accommodate future growth.

Virtualization Improves IT Operations:

  • New Environment Build Time Cut By Over 80%
  • Time To Increase Server Capacity Reduced By 90%.
  • Snapshot Technology Replaces Outdated Backups
  • Reduced Number Of Physical Machines & Resources
  • Simplify & Accelerate SAP Deployment

Most Important Virtualization Benefits:

  • Increased Data Center Flexibility & Performance
  • Decreased Data Center Costs
  • Eliminate Network Downtime During Maintenance
  • Rapid Deployment Of New Solutions
  • Optimized Resources & Simplified Management


Opportunities From SAP Migration:

  • Re-design Your Current IT Infrastructure
  • Increase Operational Efficiencies
  • Re-organize Your Database & Backup Systems
  • Replace or Consolidate Hardware & Servers
  • Improve Performance & Reliability
  • Increase Future Scalability
  • Enhance Data Availability


How We Successfully Migrate SAP:

  • Expert Migration Landscape Project Plan
  • Coordination With SAP Support
  • Technical Support, Tuning & Optimization
  • Preparation, Test & Final Migration

We know SAP migrations can be stressful because you are moving your core business data.

Our experience from  successful SAP OS/DB migrations will make yours a breeze.