OpenStack Services

ECH is Asia-Pacific’s leading OpenStack services company. Whatever your business, ECH can assess your needs and help you move your business to become more agile, achieve high velocity and deliver greater value. We deliver technology solutions to your business that facilitate innovation and allow your IT team to focus on adding value to your business.

ECH provides consulting services:

  • Initial Proof of Concept
  • Analysis, Design and Delivery of cloud technology solutions
  • Green and Brown-fields deployment of OpenStack-based infrastructures
  • Application architecture analysis, development, migration
  • Application & Solution Integration for Cloud environments
  • Sales/Pre-sales Enablement Training/Workshops
  • Bespoke or standardised Technical Training, with certification
  • Independent technology assessments

Managed Services and Support

Once you are on your way with OpenStack or cloud solutions, ECH is the perfect partner to support your business. ECH can provide traditional support to your IT team, or you can leverage our world-class, follow the sun DevOps team and your people focus on adding value.

Leadership Led by Mr Singh, a founding and specialises in hosting, architecture, engineering, delivery, management, maintenance and evangelisation of OpenStack to a wide range of service provider, government, educational, scientific and enterprise customers.

Enterprise OpenStack Services

As your business grows it needs to focus on its core strengths, and that isn’t managing IT infrastructure. You need platforms that bring you the benefits of the latest advances without getting stuck on a huge learning curve. ECH can bring those advances to your enterprise in the form of a fully managed platform based on OpenStack.

You can consume that platform without bringing on a new group into your IT department or extensive retraining. Your IT people can focus on your business’ needs, without worrying about the mundane infrastructure concerns of yesterday.

Managed Platforms

One thing we’ve noticed is that as soon as we give someone Infrastructure-as-a-service, they always say “Great, now where’s DB-aaS” or words to that effect. Chances are your business really doesn’t want the ability to spin up a new VM in seconds, what you really want is new DB services, or a new application stack deployed. You want platform-as-a-service..

There are a lot of different approaches to delivering services on top of software defined infrastructure. They range from simple templated app deployments to complex ecosystems to manage your entire application lifecycle. In the same way you don’t really want to be wrangling hardware, you don’t want to get bogged down with the same operational lifecycle overheads as your competitors. A OpenStack platform solution will allow your IT people to focus on what’s unique to your business, giving your business greater velocity and greater return on your human capital.

Managed On-Premises Infrastructure

Do you have:

Rigorous compliance requirements

Data sovereignty concerns

Or simply a shed-load of useful hardware

Public Cloud is far from being a panacea and sometimes you need to know that your information is safely ensconced in your data centre.

ECH global team of DevOps engineers can run your infrastructure in your DC as easily as we can in ours. Realise the benefits of focusing your precious IT resources on creating business advantage.

Private Cloud Solutions

Your IT team doesn’t really like managing hardware. Well, maybe some of them do but their time would be better spent doing things that give your business a competitive advantage, rather than plugging in cables.

ECH can give your IT team the productivity boost that your business needs by making infrastructure management a thing of the past.

Fast, repeatable deployments, minimised error rates and the flexibility to ensure that IT isn’t a drag on your business’ ability to deliver what your customers need.