When you co-locate your equipment with the internet office, your business benefits from one of the finest and most secure carrier-neutral data centers available.

As a co-location customer in our world class data center, you’ll be secure in knowing your equipment is protected against power failure, fire, flooding, intrusion, and practically every other imaginable calamity. And you never sacrifice the control you need.

All Co-location customers enjoy a broad collection of benefits designed to deliver the most for their money.
The internet office is able to provide the bandwidth you require to manage your business, at a very competitive rate.

  • Support Center
  • Monitoring & Management
  • Priority Reboots
  • Redundant UPS Power
  • Onsite 24/7/365 NOC
  • Diesel Generator Backup
  • Raised Flooring
  • Bandwidth Graphs – RTG
  • Dry Pipe Fire Suppression
  • Redundant Air
  • 100% Uptime
  • Onsite Hands & Eyes
  • Card Access


Colocation for Archival & Storage Data

Not all parts of your data infrastructure require five nines of uptime, and a cost saving data center colocation solution that can help you right-size where your infrastructure resides depending on their requirements for uptime.

Colocation for Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

In today’s connected world, every business should have a backup plan for their data infrastructure. Any amount of downtime could cost you thousands, Internetoffice has strategically built it’s data center facilities in disaster safe locations with low disaster risk profiles and low power costs – giving your colocated infrastructure the best opportunity to avoid downtime due to natural disasters.

Colocation for Cloud Computing

Cloud service providers leverage the absolute most that they can out of their cloud servers. We understands that there may be thousands or tens of thousands of customers on your cloud platforms hosted in our facilities. If you experience downtime, you could go out of business. We have built in redundancies in networking, power and cooling infrastructure that allow you to highly leverage your cloud hardware without the threat of downtime.

We are pleased to partner with such a high-caliber and well managed data center provider to offer our customers a state of the art data center facility that delivers high performance, availability, as well as excellent security and reliability.