For multi-site companies to improve their inter-connectivity, an MPLS (Multi Protocol Label Switching) solution could be the perfect answer.

  • Perfect for multi-site companies spread across wide geographies.
  • Ideal for integrating diverse bearer technologies.
  • Enables disparate applications to be run effectively across the wide area, including voice and video.
  • Scalable and flexible, future proofing your investments.
  • Quality of Service network guarantee.

What is MPLS Solution?

MPLS (Multi Protocol Label Switching )/VPNMPLS is a leased line equivalent service aimed at corporate customers who need a highly resilient, private network in order to run bandwidth hungry applications. The service is ideal for businesses that run VPN’s, Voice over IP and business critical programmes such as accounts packages and stock information, which require large amounts of bandwidth and fast upload and download speeds.

MPLS is a fully managed service with many value added services such as Internet connectivity, security hardware, specialist engineering time, network design, SLAs and most importantlly, 24-hour support.

Who Would Benefit From MPLS?

  • Companies with separate office locations that regularly share a lot of data.
  • Companies with separate office locations who want to use VoIP.
  • Companies with bandwidth hungry applications.

What Benefits Would MPLS Bring My Business?

  • Cost effective for connecting businesses far apart.
  • Fully scalable and flexible for future changes and expansion.
  • High QoS and SLA eliminating jitter, packet loss and latency.
  • Fixed monthly fee .