enterprise cloud hosting servicesCloud solutions offer the potential for reduced costs and better value for your money. But today’s rapid pace of innovation can make it difficult to choose the right technologies for your business.Our experts help you evaluate the cost and risks of improving your infrastructure. They listen to your goals, get to know your current architecture, and advise you on the best ways to improve reliability, and manage scale. Then, they help you put the entire plan into action if a new solution is right for you.

Modernize your applications to take full advantage of cloud resources, and help you understand the cost difference between hosted and in-house infrastructure.

Enterprise Cloud System unites storage, and server technologies into one simple, flexible, and secure factory integrated solution. This provides those delivering cloud services with the ability to rapidly deploy a trusted, scalable OpenNebula® based Linux® cloud environment with qualities of service.

Enterprise Cloud System can provide superior service for as low as half the cost of public cloud or x86 private cloud alternatives. This allows organizations deploying cloud services to cut costs through greater efficiency and improve their bottom line business results, while delivering the services their customers need for business critical applications.

Enterprise Cloud System Components:

Server Dell v3 ProcessorServer Dell v3 Processor of 12 cores with 30MB Cache

Provides support for thousands of virtual Linux servers with comprehensive security and resiliency built-in for the highest levels of trust and confidence.

NetApps Storage Storage–NetApps

Software defined system storage with built-in flash that offers simplicity of management, reduced cost, scalable capacity, performance, and high availability.

Virtualization & Cloud Management SoftwareVirtualization & Cloud Management Software

Provides dynamic provisioning and cloud orchestration for business-critical workloads with added monitoring, performance and data backup.

Rely on trusted enterprise cloud services for your SAP and ERP Apps

Take advantage of managed service offerings for ERP, CRM, BI, business warehousing, planning and consolidation, and select custom and SAP partner applications. And speed time to value for your in-memory investments.

Giving you more flexibility to meet customer expectations and critical assets.

With Our Cloud, you can :

  • Stay connected and protected with a cloud built on one of the most reliable and secure networks.
  • Reduce your risk and maintain the integrity of data and apps in the cloud with proven security expertise.
  • Gain the agility and responsiveness to implement ideas faster, scale quickly, and drive performance.