Secure Administration from Anywhere

Best VPN Solutions for BusinessA secure VPN with SSL connection lets customers control servers remotely through a secure access point by providing a fast, reliable, encrypted tunnel through which secure access may be established. Once a remote user’s computer is connected via SSL VPN, it becomes an extension of your hosting environment. For this reason, every VPN connection should be monitored with two-factor authentication to help ensure only authorized personnel can access and administer the secure cloud account.

Because the need to remotely connect can happen anywhere at anytime, our secure VPN client can run on virtually any platform.

VPN service can be configured in one of three modes:

  • Remote VPN ServerRemote Access

    Remote AccessThe Remote Access (Client/Server) mode creates a tunnel between remote users and other servers inside or outside of the internetoffice network. This configuration is used to secure a private application service for a group of users.

  • Site to Site VPNSite to Site

    This mode establishes a tunnel between your internetoffice VPN and a remote computing device. The configuration is used to support a secure transfer of data between two devices. The end points can be external to the internetoffice network.

  • Internet Gateway VPN Gateway

    The Internet Gateway mode allows for anonymous, encrypted Internet access. This configuration is used to ensure private web browsing and access to the Internet for a user. Traffic to/from the VPN and user is encrypted.