A well designed server and a solid OS are only part of the security equation.

firewall protectionIn today’s business climate, security must extend beyond the server. To help address our customers’ security needs, we offer a wide variety of firewall and virtual private network solutions to help you in taking the final steps toward a more secure hosting solutions.


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Managed Firewalls

Our firewall administration option allows our administrators to manage your firewall over a secure console connection within the datacenter. Our security experts will keep the firewall up to date, make routine or emergency changes for you, or assist your company in developing security policies to put into place.

We have experts in Cisco, Sonic firewall appliances.

Managed Firewall Security


Virtual Private Network Administration

Secure Virtual Private NetworkIn the new world of business networking, businesses can rely on VPN technology to utilize the Internet as their secure networking backbone. A VPN offers significant savings on communications costs while allowing your business to tap into a reliable network. VPNs can connect multiple offices, remote users, business partners, and clients all through the Internet. VPN solutions include hardware, software, firewall to firewall, router to router, concentrators, remote access, LAN-to-LAN, and extranets. Whether you’re looking to exchange confidential data between your company and other businesses, create multi-site access to corporate servers and databases, or simply protect communications with your vendors and employees, Internetoffice can develop a VPN solution for you.

Even the most seasoned veteran needs networking assistance from time to time and Internetoffice here to assist you with our Cisco Certified Administrators. Need assistance with routers, firewalls, load balancers, backend networks, network configurations, VLANs, subnetting, static routing and network traffic monitoring? Allow our network administrators to design a network or revamp your current network to meet your needs. Our experts are available per hour or per project.

  • Intrusion Detection/Prevention
  • Vulnerability Assessment Scanning
  • System Integrity Verification
  • Extensible Service Monitoring
  • False Alert Suppression Technology (FAST)
  • Event Correlation Capabilities
  • Dynamic Reporting Capabilities
  • Customizable Notifications

OS Hardening

OS Hardening ServerHardening your servers and workstations can serve to mitigate your risk of being hacked or suffering a denial of service attack by over 90%.

Because most hackers use fingerprinting to identify what is running on your system, hardening techniques can hide this information or send misleading information.

OS Hardening consists of an end-to-end custom security configuration of your server, including all patches and updates. Typically, File and directory permissions are set, ACL’s are established, User and Group permissions are enforced, Login Shells are restricted, services are groomed and processes (or Windows Services) are chrooted.
OS hardening is the single most important step toward securing your server.


Server Anti-Virus Protection

Firewall Server Anti-Virus ProtectionAs hackers continue to come out with new strains of viruses in attempts to compromise servers, one way to try to stay protected is with anti-virus software. With specific Managed Services Plans, we will install and monitor licensed McAfee or Norton anti-virus tools to help protect your server.

Vulnerability Assessment

web application firewallA Vulnerability Assessment provides automated network vulnerability assessment across servers, desktops, and infrastructure devices. The Vulnerability Assessment performs distributed or event-driven probes of network services, operating systems, routers/switches, servers, firewalls, and application routers to identify potential risks.

Penetration Testing

Firewall Penetration TestingPenetration testing is a live test of the security defenses of your server. Our team of CISSP certified security engineers use techniques and exploits that real-life hackers would use to simulate the results of an attack.

Penetration testing helps a company determine their level of network security and vulnerability and identify weak elements that need to be repaired. It can aid in evaluating an organization’s detection and response capabilities and help determine whether the proper controls are in place.

Data Forensics

Data Forensics FirewallData Forensics is undertaken after an Information security breach has occurred; it refers to the rapid systematic and thorough approach used to find evidence and gather material for the support of criminal and civil actions contained within an organization’s network.

A complete Incident Response Plan saves money (replacing lost data, restoring systems, lost revenue due to downtime, costly litigation) and minimizes damage to your reputation.

Security Administration

Best Firewall Security ProtectionThe customer may ask for Security Administrative assistance. This includes anything the customer may want to do with the security or administration of their server.

Requests can be regularly scheduled maintenance or ad hoc requests.

Shared Hardware Firewalls

Add Standard Hardware Firewalls to give individual servers an additional layer of server security. Our firewalls are provisioned on demand without service interruptions, and you have complete control of your systems’ protection settings.

Dedicated Hardware Firewall

Dedicated Hardware Firewalls you can protect one, multiple or even all servers that share the same VLAN for the highest assurance of uptime.
A High Availability option is also available, providing continuous protection in the event your primary firewall experiences hardware failure. Our firewalls are provisioned on demand without service interruptions, and fully managed through the customer

Dedicated, Managed Firewall Quick Overview:

  • Consultation with Experienced Certified Security Professionals
  • Security Engineers On Site 24x7x365
  • Port Blocking, Packet Inspection, Virtual Private Network and Much More