Big data and cloud technology go hand-in-hand. Big data needs clusters of servers for processing, which clouds can readily provide.

  • Big Data Storage Solutions Businesses today generates Tera Bytes of data. Storing, processing, and pulling value from that data is no easy task. Big data (NoSQL) solutions need infrastructure that is can be as scalable as the application and powerful.
  • applications of big dataBig data applications help you make sense of your data and insights that drive business optimizations. But with large upfront investments, your project costs can quickly out of pocket.
  • Cloud Big DataWith Cloud Big Data, you can quickly provision a powerful environment powered by Hadoop that’s sized to fit your large-volume data processing needs.
  • Configure big data solutionConfigure your own big data solution from startup and even multi-server deployment solutions created to provide leading big data and NoSQL solutions with best practices and optimized hardware configurations.


Welcome to MongoDB & Hadoop -as-a-Service

  • The magic of the cloud
  • Create and scale databases on-demand on open nebula based Cloud Platform.
  • Max uptime & performance
  • Our experienced experts continuously monitor and manage your databases.

MongoDB & Hadoop

  • Total data protection
  • Sleep well while we replicate, automatically backup, and redundantly-archive your data.
  • Expert care and support
  • Thoughtful, timely support from real developers is why our customers love us.

You can design the perfect VPS for your MongoDB & Hadoop development projects. Choose the amount of RAM, disk space and data transfer you need. Never pay for what you don’t need! You can even choose from Fedora, CentOS, Ubuntu for your OS.



Customized Solutions For Big Data

Customized Solutions

Your challenges are as unique as our solutions for them:

  • Replication
  • Sharding
  • Multi-Data-Center architectures
  • EBS with provisioned IOPs
  • SSL encrypted connections
  • Hosting of development environments
  • Live Support during Go-Live



An experienced MongoDB Hadoop experts from our team works with you to improve your MongoDB setup:

  • Replication and Sharding
  • Schema Design
  • Indexes
  • Backups
  • Disaster Recovery

After you provide us with the necessary information about your setup we do an offline analysis. As a result you will get a report about the state of your deployment and a list of possible improvements.