We provide security and compliance services designed to help protect physical resources. This effort also focuses on ensuring that Internetoffice has controls in place to manage the risk of interruptions that may impact our service level commitments to you.

Security policy

The policy establishes InternetOffice’s direction and support for information security and sets a risk management framework that is in accordance with business requirements and relevant laws and regulations.

Access control

Framework to ensure only approved users are granted access to appropriate systems and resources.

Human resources security

Controls to ensure that all Internetoffice employees, contractors and third party users understand their responsibilities, and are suitable for the roles they are considered.

Physical and environmental security

To prevent unauthorized physical access, damage, and interference to our organization’s premises and information.

Asset management

This area focuses on achieving and maintaining appropriate protection of Internetoffice’s critical infrastructure required for its service delivery.

The compliance and validation phase is an important collection of audit and review activities that provide assurances that our implemented controls are designed and operating effectively and aligned with the policies set by the security organization.